When you become the right person; you will find the right person.

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Fred and Peachmachine Show 5/8/15

Is there anything more important than being happy? You can have all the money in the world but if you’re not happy, it’s not worth anything. On today’s episode we discuss how to be happy.  Fred and Peachmachine discuss ways to make yourself happy in the future, and what you can do right now. A […]


Fred and Peachmachine Show 3/27/15

It’s part two of discussing 10 awful nutrition myths perpetrated by the media. Is too much protein bad for you? Is whole grain bread better than white bread? Whose dog will bark first? We answer those questions plus we discuss a blog Fred wrote from a few weeks back on how to consistently keep yourself […]


Fred and Peachmachine Show 3/20/15

Fred and The Peachmachine return to talk about a recent article that Peachmachine came across about ten nutrition myths.  There is now a new member of Fred’s family and we also discuss the recent interview Fred did with confidence expert Ricky B. Has Peachmachine had confidence issues in the past or has he just always […]


Blog by Fred Esposito: How Tony Robbins and Billy Joel Are Alike

How Tony Robbins and Billy Joel Are Alike     Why do some things make people cry but the same exact thing can make another person laugh? “Nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it”-Tony Robbins “Well, I’m sure that I could be a movie star, if I could get out of this place”- […]


THR Radio with Ricky B

Today THR Radio is joined by Ricky B who is the author of  “The Grounded Confidence Code: How To Be The Man In Charge Of Dating And In Life.”  Confidence is the number one thing men must have and Ricky and I talk about how to build confidence from the ground up.  Who your role […]


Fred and Peachmachine Show 2/20/15

It’s the mailbag edition of The Fred and Peachmachine Show! We answer YOUR questions and any subject you think may be beneficial.  Today we cover good birthday gifts, healthy snacks and our opinion of the Anderson Silva steroid test failure.  A fun and informative show as always so check it out! You can download it […]


Fred and Peachmachine Show 2/13/15

Fred and the Peachmachine return for a show on “awkward situations” with a story of Fred’s grandmother’s wake!  They also discuss Fred’s most recent blog on “How To Be Selfish.” We have an update on if either are any closer to fighting CM Punk in his debut UFC match and a special gift for our listeners […]


Blog by Fred Esposito: How to be Selfish

                                         One of the first things we are told when we are born is not to be selfish. “Share” is what our parents tell us. Share your toys, share your food, and share your money. Share everything you have. The news is flooded with millionaires and billionaires who are constantly unselfish with their wealth. If […]


Fred and Peachmachine Show 1/23/15

Fred and Peachmachine return with a train wreck of a show. Unfortunately, phone issues plagued us throughout the show. Luckily, the listeners cannot hear them on their end but I had some issues hearing Peachmachine. The discussions include fallout from the New Years Eve show, and interview done last week with dating expert Marni Kinrys, […]


THR Radio with Marni Kinrys

Today we have a very special guest.  Marni Kinrys is a dating expert, author, podcast host and your ultimate Wing Girl! In 2013 Marni released her first self-published book on Amazon entitled “Get Insider Her: The Female Perspective which became a bestseller in the Human Sexuality category. Marni also runs a website that men can […]



































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